AMMOX is Biotechnology marvel specially developed to reduce ammonia concentrations in poultry housings. An increased ammonia level in poultry housings is a severe problem that is often neglected, Ammonia concentrations as low as10 ppm can damage the bird's respiratory system and increase the risk of infectious disease. Increased ammonia concentrations lead to several complications. Most important of them is that ammonia concentrations make the bird susceptible to pulmonary complications like CRD, etc. Besides keratoconjunctivitis, heart attack, fatty liver and kidney syndrome and higher ammonia concentrations also make the flock prone to infection, increases mortality and carcass condemnations. Besides, it severely hampers the bird's ability to express its genetic potential fully.

For example, in broiler flocks ammonia at 50ppm level, sometimes will suppress the weight gain by 9% approximately. Higher levels of ammonia can lead to litigation/ environmental considerations and bad neighbourhood relations as well and endanger occupational safety of poultry workers. Ammonia levels are generally disguising, what really matters is the ammonia levels at the bird's beak level and not what we feel. Provision of a good environment for the birds to perform well in turn will lead to better utilization of the feed to the maximum and minimization of the amount of energy spent on body maintenance resulting in maximum productivity.

Practical benefits of regular incorporation of Ammox in feed include:

  • Reduces ammonia concentrations up to 100% immediately.
  • Negligible cost and enormous cost benefit ratio.
  • Converts ammonia into harmless nitrogen, improves the nutrient value of litter for other applications too.
  • Controls other toxic gases like Hydrogen sulphide also.
  • Reduces the intensity and incidence of respiratory and other disease.
  • Improves zootechnical performance by reducing FCR and improving weight gain.
  • Improves bed quality and has potential to save money spent on floor/litter management.
  • Retards further ammonia generation.
  • 100% safe for use in the presence of birds & 100% free from antibiotics.
  • Easy to use, does not require daily addition / usage, simple application procedure.


500gms pack


Store in a cool, dark place avoiding sunlight and moisture.


The dosage and usage suggested are based on our research and field experience and the same needs to be adjusted according to the flock conditions on the advice of a poultry nutritionist. Though Intron always strives to delight the customer with only the best, our liability is limited to replacement of the product/cost of the product as the conditions of usage, storage, end use of the product and flock conditions are beyond our control.

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