Maaveric PS

Maaverick–PS is a combination of vegetative photosynthetic and spore forming beneficial bacteria in a stable formation.

Practical benefits of regular incorporation of Maaveric PS in feed include:

  • Keeps the pond bottom clean by preventing the formation of sludge at the bottom and by clearing the existing sludge at the bottom.
  • Improves DO levels in the pond water.
  • Supplements feed.
  • Stabilizes the water pH.
  • Manufactured in a state of the art plant, certified free from pathogens hence does not introduce pathogens into the pond unlike some crude products.
  • completely stabilized product, hence effective throughout the expiry period consistently.
  • Prevents build-up of hydrogen sulphide in the pond.
  • Reduces the incidence of Vibrio and L.B.
  • Improves pond coloration and supplements the feed.


5ltr, 20kgs Cans


Store in a cool, dark place avoiding sunlight and moisture.


The dosage and usage suggested are based on our research and field experience and the same needs to be adjusted according to the flock conditions on the advice of a poultry nutritionist. Though Intron always strives to delight the customer with only the best, our liability is limited to replacement of the product/cost of the product as the conditions of usage, storage, end use of the product and flock conditions are beyond our control.

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