Ammox-L is a combination of highly bio efficient ammonia oxidizing probiotic strains specially isolated and encapsulated by a proprietary process to protect them from the adverse pond condition while retaining their efficacy in toto

Practical benefits of regular incorporation of Ammox-L in feed include:

  • Oxidizes ammonia at a very high rate.
  • Stabilizes pond pH.
  • Improves DO levels in the pond.
  • Increases survival rates.
  • Reduces off flavour problems.

  • Presentation:

    500ml, 1ltr bottle.


    Store in a cool, dark place avoiding sunlight and moisture.


    The dosage and usage suggested are based on our research and field experience and the same needs to be adjusted according to the flock conditions on the advice of a poultry nutritionist. Though Intron always strives to delight the customer with only the best, our liability is limited to replacement of the product/cost of the product as the conditions of usage, storage, end use of the product and flock conditions are beyond our control.

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