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BIOFENCE™ STAGE-III is specially designed world’s 1st TRIBIOTIC™ developed by Intron’s R&D to boost the immunity and digestibility during the most critical stages of chicken’s life cycle and is a combination of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics.


  • Increases total body weight, feed efficiency
  • May exceptionally improves non-specific immunity through synergistic beneficial action of TRIBIOTIC™
  • Possibly enhance villi to crypt ratio
  • Possibly reduces colonisation of harmful pathogens through competitive exclusion
  • May increase desirable microbiota in the gut
  • May reduce the necessity of antibiotics usage in broiler diet to improve the growth, gut and overall health in broiler chickens
  • Improves productivity

Dosage: 100g/ 10,000 birds in water or 100 g/ ton of feed, dosage may be increased/ adjusted depending on the farm condition or as advised by your poultry nutritionist.

Broilers: 18th-22nd day and during endemic conditions through water or feed.

Layers: Three days continuously before each vaccination.

BIOFENCE™ STAGE-III can also be sprayed in empty sheds for reduction of pathogens and growth of probiotics.

Usage: Take required number of 50g TOSS PACK® and dissolve/ toss the packs in water tank. In case of feed application open the TOSS PACK® and add them to feed.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid from direct sunlight.

Presentation: 100g food grade multi-walled poly packs and bulk pails.

For MSDS,further technical information and disclaimer mail us at : info@intronlifesciences.com