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BIOFENCE™ STAGE-II is specially designed world’s 1st TRIBIOTICTM developed by Intron’s R&D to curtail the First Week Mortality (FWM) and create desirable microbiota in the chick’s gut and is a combination of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics.


  • Maintains microbial balance by beneficial bacteria suppressing intestinal pathogens
  • Establishes desirable microbiota in the gut thereby minimising the chances for the colonisation of pathogens
  • Helps attain and maintain gut integrity
  • Improves digestion and FCR
  • Enhances non-specific Immunity
  • Improves weight gain and rate of weight gain
  • Curtails FWM

Dosage: 100g/ 10,000 chicks for first two days through water or 100 g/ ton of feed, dosage may be increased/ adjusted depending on the farm condition or as advised by your poultry nutritionist.

Usage: Take required number of 50g TOSS PACK® and dissolve/toss the packs in water tank. In case of feed application open the TOSS PACK® and add them to feed

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid from direct sunlight.

Presentation: 100g food grade multi-walled poly packs and bulk pails

For MSDS,further technical information and disclaimer mail us at : info@intronlifesciences.com