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  • Reduces ammonia concentrations up to 100%
  • Negligible cost and enormous cost benefit ratio.
  • Converts ammonia into harmless nitrogen, improves the nutrient value of litter for other applications too
  • Controls other toxic gases like Hydrogen sulphide also
  • Helps reduce the intensity and incidence of respiratory and other diseases
  • Improves zoo technical performance by reducing FCR and improving weight gain
  • Improves bed quality and has potential to save money spent on floor/ litter management
  • Retards further ammonia generation
  • 100 % safe for use in the presence of birds & 100 % free from antibiotics
  • Easy to use, does not require daily addition/usage, simple application procedure

Dosage and Application: 500g to 1 kg AMMOX® to be spread evenly in a shed of 5000 birds depending on the density, climate and shed condition. For ease of application this can be mixed with sand, preferably wet sand so that the product is not lost in the wind current and spread all over the floor. In feed: 2g/ kg of feed.

Dosage may be adjusted on the advice of your veterinarian, quality and quantum of litter. This is particularly applicable in case of Breeders and Layers.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid from direct sunlight.

Presentation: 500g Multi-Layers aluminum pouches and bulk pails

For MSDS,further technical information and disclaimer mail us at : info@intronlifesciences.com